The central Alabama region including Millbrook offers a diverse economy for big and small businesses.  Strategically situated at the cross roads of Interstates 65 and 85, Millbrook’s central location and accessibility, 

coupled with its affordability and pro business environment, appeal to many sectors of business.  Automotive, aerospace, distribution, call centers, healthcare/medical, government, education, and nonprofit businesses, and those companies which support these enterprises, are productive parts of the regional economy.  Small businesses dominate the Millbrook economy with a steady stream of new businesses starting up every year.  National retailers anchor a growing commercial corridor in the city.  With consistently high population growth, demand is strong for services essential for comfortable middle income families who reside in Millbrook.  A well-trained and highly motivated workforce has made Millbrook its home.

City of Millbrook Economic Development Office:

Ann Harper

Economic Development Director

3390 Main Street, Millbrook, AL  36054

(334) 285-0330 office or (334) 530-0020 cell


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Seeking a new location or an additional location for an existing business or starting up a new business?  Consider the advantages to be enjoyed by choosing to locate in Millbrook; strategic location, low cost of doing business, pro- business environment, prepared workforce, and a desirable lifestyle.  For assistance and the facts and figures for your project, contact the Economic Development office.


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Decisions about future investment and growth are made daily by businesses.  Why not take advantage of local services, state resources, and in some cases expansion incentives, that can help your business move ahead of the competition.  Interested in expanding your business in Millbrook?  Contact the Economic Development Office.

Economic Development Services


The Economic Development Office assists large and small businesses, retail and industrial prospects, and tourism projects.  Assistance is available for project specific site selection, community and business research, and local demographic information and analysis.  Any information or assistance that will help streamline the search, due diligence, predevelopment and development processes is available through the Economic Development office.


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Location and Accessibility: 

Millbrook’s location along Interstate 65 provides for immediate Interstate access to three I-65 exits (176, 179, and 181) as well as to Interstate 85, 10 minutes to the south – key advantages for businesses choosing to locate here.  Millbrook’s strategic location in the center of the River Region (Montgomery, AL MSA) and the central Alabama market helps cultivate growth within the business community.  The city’s close proximity to the center of state government, Montgomery, the state capital, and a major military installation, Maxwell Air Force Base, increase opportunity and add synergy to the Millbrook economy.  Beyond the immediate central Alabama market, Millbrook is a short distance to major southeastern cities (see link) and is easily accessible via Interstates, U.S., state and county roads.  Air transport, navigable waterways, rail and motor freight modes of transit are also available.



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  • Interstate Highways: Interstates 65 and 85

  • State Highways: Alabama Highways 143 and 14

  • Rail Service: CSX, Norfolk Southern Rail Lines

  • Waterway: Alabama State Docks, Montgomery

  • Commercial Air: Montgomery Regional Airport

  • General Aviation: Wetumpka Municipal Airport, Elmore


 Regional Metro Areas 

 Montgomery, AL          10 miles

 Birmingham, AL           90 miles

 Atlanta, GA                    170 miles

 Mobile, AL                     170 miles

 Huntsville, AL               185 miles

 Greenville, SC               286 miles

 Nashville, TN                315 miles

 New Orleans, LA          315 miles

 Memphis, TN                317 miles

 Savannah, GA               346 miles

 Jacksonville, FL            372 miles


Affordability and Pro-Business Environment: 

A pro-business environment is enhanced by the reasonable cost of doing business in Millbrook. We welcome the opportunity to help businesses navigate the process of starting up, relocating or expanding. Low taxes, and in some cases economic incentives, add to the advantages of locating in Millbrook. Reasonable land and building prices add to the efficiency of doing business in the city. For large and small projects, excellent resources may be tapped on the state level in addition to the assistance available right here in Millbrook through the Economic Development Office.


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 Affordable home prices, moderately priced consumer goods, and low energy and fuel costs help keep the overall cost of living at a reasonable level.  Many residents find that the Millbrook area offers a more comfortable and less costly lifestyle compared to other communities in the central Alabama region. 

MILLAGE RATES of Taxation for Elmore County and Elmore County Municipalities:

Fire District Fee: $50/Dwelling; $100/Business
*School Districts Do Not Overlap



Ranked as one of the fastest growing cities in Alabama, Millbrook is poised for continued growth.  A youthful, family population, presently numbering approximately 15,000 within the city limits, has accelerated growth of the business community as the demand for goods and services increased.  A growing small business sector is supported by residents who believe in shopping locally.  Large retailers attract regional customers to pleasant shopping experiences here.

Millbrook Area Population:

Millbrook Area Demographics:



A hard working and committed workforce has made Millbrook its home. More than 57% of the workforce is educated beyond the high school level. Good public schools and good access to all levels of training beyond the high school level provide opportunities for all ages seeking training. The local unemployment rate is typically below the state average. Overall, the workforce expresses a high level of interest in job opportunities and advancement.

2011 Estimated Population 16+ by Occupation Classification

2011 Estimated Population Age 16+ by Employment Status

2011 Estimated Civilian Employed Population 16+ Class of Worker

2011 Estimated Civilian Employed Pop 16+ by Occupation